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Welcome to Safelify Mobile App.

Safelify is a mobile application carefully crafted to help you find instant support in emergency situations. This magic App covers a wide range of life emergencies including medical, legal, road-related, and physical emergencies(such as accidents, kidnappings, home burglaries etc).

Safelify's capabilities at a glance

Access quick medical care during critical health challenges.

Your well-being is paramount. Safelify connects you to emergency healthcare during health crises like sudden illness, heart attacks, strokes, or food poisoning. We also help during childbirth, especially in remote locations, 

Get instant access to legal help to protect your rights

Safelify legal services partners provide instant access to legal support in emergency situations such as accidents and injuries, unlawful arrests, assaults and criminal cases, family crises, civil litigations etc.

Get help in critical road mishap such as accidents and vehicle breakdown

Vehicles breakdown and accidents happen. Safelify is poised to help you get out of dangerous road mishap with emergency tow services, roadside vehicle repair, emergency fuel supply, anti-theft trackers, vehicle retrieval in dire situations. 

Receive rapid response to safeguard you during physical emergencies

Safelify springs into action to help you during personal accidents and injuries, kidnappings of oneself or loved ones, roadside robberies and home break-ins, fire emergencies, assaults, including instances of molestation or rape

With Safelify's amazing emergency safety features, you too can take your personal safety to a new level with Nigeria's No. 1 Safety App.

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Timely rescue can be a life-changer. Avoid unnecessary delays that worsen injuries or escalate situations. Trust Nigeria's top Safety Mobile App to shield you.

Quickly access immediate interventions: police, ambulance, hospitals, lawyers, physical rescues, repairs, and more.

Tailored Accounts for Different Needs



Safelify offers four distinct account types:

  • Individual Account: Suited for personal emergency coverage.
  • Family Account: Ideal for your entire household, including children and teenagers.
  • Corporate (Business) Account: Tailored for businesses, covering owners, management, and employees.
  • Diaspora Account: Catering to safety notifications, families, and returning diasporas requiring emergency care.

Safelify mobile application designed to provide immediate aid in critical situations, covers a wide spectrum of emergencies. Safelify is  proudly developed by Livespring App LLC.

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