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Safelify, a mobile application designed to provide immediate aid in critical situations, covers a wide spectrum of medical services, legal services, cyber security, digital wellness, and international services (airport protocol concierge, car rentals, among others).

Equip Yourself with a Life Jacket

  • Safelify becomes a lifeline when:

    • You’re faced with a medical situation or emergency without anyone to turn to.
    • A road accident leaves you stranded.
    • Unlawful detainment or arrest occurs.
    • Miscreants subject you to assault.

      The Safelify Mobile App serves as your panic button, ensuring swift assistance in such critical scenarios.


SafeLify® ​

Immediate help anywhere and at anytime!

Download the App for Free

Obtaining the app is hassle-free – it’s available for free! Simply visit your phone’s app store, download it, sign up with your email, and immediately access all that Safelify offers.

Safelify's Capabilities at a Glance

Gain instant assistance in the following emergency scenarios:


Why Safelify Tele-health Service

Safely springs into action for incidents such as:

Convenience: Access healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Instant Access: Expert care at your fingertips.

Secure and Private: Encrypted communication for your peace of mind.

Comprehensive Care: From consultations to prescriptions, we’ve got you covered.”

Why Safelify Tele-Legal Services 

Instant access to legal support is guaranteed in emergencies such as:

    • Accidents and injuries.
    • Unlawful arrests.
    • Assaults and criminal cases.
    • Family crises.
    • Civil litigation.
    • Immigration Services 

Immediate Access within Our Coverage Area,
Every Day



Timely rescue can be a life-changer. Avoid unnecessary delays that worsen injuries or escalate situations. Trust Nigeria's top Safety Mobile App to shield you.

Quickly access immediate interventions: police, ambulance, hospitals, lawyers, physical rescues, repairs, and more.

Tailored Accounts for Different Needs



Safelify offers four distinct account types:

  • Individual Account: Suited for personal emergency coverage.
  • Family Account: Ideal for your entire household, including children and teenagers.
  • Corporate (Business) Account: Tailored for businesses, covering owners, management, and employees.
  • Diaspora Account: Catering to safety notifications, families, and returning diasporas requiring emergency care.

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