SafeLify Home Health is a platform that brings together medical service providers and clients who need these services

The Clients (Patients), Guardians (legal guardian such as children, spouses who can make a decision on behalf of the patient etc)

  • Scheduling
    • Nurses shall be placed over clients that signed up for services based on proximity to the patient.
    • The nurse shall visit the client as scheduled (once a month or twice or as contained in the enrollment)
    • The nurse shall ensure that clients are treated respectfully, courteously, and friendly.
    • It will take average of 3-4 weeks to complete the scheduling of appointments, assigning a nurse and doctor to the patient/client

Please note that SafeLify Home health services is preventive and wellness care where we help the patient and family towards a healthy living through the following…

  • Vitals and Monitors
    • The nurse shall take the vitals of the client such as BP, glucose screening, heart rate, temperature and other necessary vitals.
  • Questioning and Investigations
    • The nurse shall investigate the wellbeing of the client by asking relevant questions such as:
      • Do you sleep well?
      • Do you eat well or lack appetite?
      • How are their current medications? What they are and potential side effects.
      • If they have any pain or discomfort?
      • Any other complaints or observations?
    • Observation and Reporting: The Nurses shall
      • Observe the individual’s condition during the visit, noting any changes in symptoms, mobility, or behavior.
      • Report observations, including vital signs, medication adherence, and any issues or challenges encountered using the provided forms
      • The nurse shall document any other observations that are relevant to the wellness of the client.
      • The nurse shall submit their report to the oversight doctor covering their area.
    • Education and Guidance:
      • Ask questions to enhance understanding of the individual’s health needs and how to best support them at home.
    • Follow-up and Referral:
      • Schedule follow-up appointments or additional visits as needed based on the caregiver’s needs and as approved by their guardians.
      • Ensure continuity of care by sharing information with other healthcare providers either through referral as requested by the client/guardian
    • We Do Not:
      • Administer medication to the patient/client such as oral medications, topical or injectables.
      • Dress wounds for the patient/client
      • Treat the patient.

Please note: If treatment is needed based on the report of the nurses/doctors after a visit, SafeLify will refer such to a service provider in the network if available or to an appropriate hospital or clinic where applicable.

Such arrangements including scheduling, payment and treatment shall be done at the discretion of the patient/guardian. SafeLify will not be a part of that.


  • Tools/Equipment
    • The nurse shall have their essential tools with them such as stethoscope etc
    • Additional tools shall be provided by the client such as glucometer, test strips, weighing scale, thermometer etc as needed by the client/patient. Such items will be kept by the client/patient for their exclusive use.